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“A Flippant and Flouncy Flight of Fancy”

2 Oct

“A flippant and flouncy flight of fancy” is how Associate Editor Nick Brandi describes The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town in his book review on page 38 in the September/October issue of Coastal Style magazine.  The review is a full page, which I didn’t expect, but that I really appreciate.  In this author’s opinion Brandi nailed the essence of the book…and delivered a playful blurb.

A Hip, Haute, Hot-Seller

6 Sep

A hip, haute, hot-seller about Rehoboth Beach is how the Delaware Press Association describes The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town in its September newsletter.  Click here to read the nice review by DPA, a network of more than 100 journalists, broadcasters, public relations specialists, graphic designers, photojournalists, educators, authors, poets and freelancers.

DC Newspapers Like the Bourgeois Book

28 Jul




The News Journal Likes the Bourgeois Beach Book

27 Jul

Here’s a link to a fab article about the book in The News Journal, Delaware’s largest daily paper.  I’m flattered, to say the least.  Writer Kim Hoey really gets it.  Of course, she’s a downstate girl!

For most of the 20th century, the du Pont family owned two Delaware newspapers, The Morning News and The Evening Journal. Ownership of both papers was consolidated in 1919 when feuding factions of the family reconciled, forming the News Journal Company.

The du Ponts decided to sell The News Journal Company in 1978. Gannett won the bidding war, beating the Hearst Corporation and The Washington Post Company. Gannett paid $60 million for the two Delaware papers and merged them in 1989 to form one paper, The News Journal.

Beach Read: 99.1 WNEW

18 Jul

Check out a quickie interview for WNEW’s “Beach Read.”

NPR Interview

13 Jul


Here’s a link to the WAMU 88.3 Ocean City book interview with Bryan Russo, host of the show Coastal Connection.  Bryan plays a regular Wednesday night gig at the Cultured Pearl in Rehoboth.  If you’re in town, check him out.

Rehoboth’s Page 6

11 Jul

Here’s the link to a playful exchange with the editor of the Cape Gazette on their coverage of the book.   Not a bad bit of press, considering everyone reads the letters to the editor, sort of like how everyone in New York reads Page 6 to see what’s going on…..sort of the same…sort of….

A Little Downstate Serendipity

30 Jun

The local Rehoboth paper (The Cape Gazette) ran a piece on the launch of my book in both its online and print editions, both of which I appreciate.  The article in the print edition appeared on page 85 right beside – get this – an ad for a new, safe, EPA-approved mosquito abatement program.  Yep, me and mosquitoes.  Seriously, though, I couldn’t have asked for better placement, given that “skeeters” feature quite prominently in a couple of stories.  Do you think they did it on purpose?  One can hope.