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A Little Downstate Serendipity

30 Jun

The local Rehoboth paper (The Cape Gazette) ran a piece on the launch of my book in both its online and print editions, both of which I appreciate.  The article in the print edition appeared on page 85 right beside – get this – an ad for a new, safe, EPA-approved mosquito abatement program.  Yep, me and mosquitoes.  Seriously, though, I couldn’t have asked for better placement, given that “skeeters” feature quite prominently in a couple of stories.  Do you think they did it on purpose?  One can hope.

200+ Attend Book Launch Party in Rehoboth Beach

24 Jun

The crowd turned out on a beautiful summer night for a celebratory cocktail soiree to officially launch The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town.  Photos below.

Moonshine and Tonic?

22 Jun

Book designer Maggie Powell arrives from Asheville, bearing gifts of moonshine. Yes, real moonshine, fancy nouveau and classic.

Who Drew that Fab Cover?

16 Jun

People have been quite curious about the cover of the book.  It’s a rendering of my 1921 cottage in Rehoboth, drawn by Louisa Marcq, an artist who lives by the sea in Eastern England with her husband, two daughters, and some hairy ponies  She specializes in drawing houses and takes on commission projects.  We corresponded via email, exchanging photos and ideas.  Voila, a cover was born.

It’s Official… Finally

12 Jun

It happened without fanfare.  It happened without even an email.  But the other night, my book and author listing magically appeared on the website, the result of six months worth of editing, rewriting, design, and publishing efforts.  Guess this makes me official, huh?  It also makes me a bit of an expert in navigating publishing at Amazon.  Have a question about how I did it?  I’ll be happy to try and give you an answer.